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This album has been many years in the making.
Some of the songs were written more than a decade ago.
Officially Single and Right Now Right Here appeared on my first EP back in 2006.
Other songs such as Every Setting Sun and Active Peace were written just this year.
I hope this collection of songs enhances your life as they have enhanced mine.
I am ever grateful to my friend and mentor, Heather Frahn for her guidance, encouragement and amazing music production skills.
It was a pleasure to work with the tenacious, dedicated and talented recording engineer, Anthony Stewart at Red Brick Music.
To collaborate with wonderful musicians who contributed so generously and skilfully to these recordings was a fantastic experience.
Gratitude to my friends and family for their support and inspiration.
Blessings to you for listening and sharing in my musical journey.


released November 13, 2015

All songs written by Forté
Right Now Right Here co-written with Paula Kelly
Produced by Heather Frahn of Conscious Creations
Coproduced by Forté
Engineered by Anthony Stewart at Red Brick Music Recording Studio
Drum Kit & Bass Guitar Recorded by Paul White
Mastered by Neville Clark at Disk-Edits Pty. Ltd.
Community Singers Conducted by Rachel Bruerville
Graphic Design by Jack Bagshaw at Benchmark Design Studios
Artwork by Nicholas Dallwitz
Photography of Artwork by Glenn Hawke Photography
Hand Typography by David Bagshaw
Photography by Lee Knowles
Hair & Makeup by Bec Seacombe
Styling for photo shoot by Bec Secombe, Vassi Coutsoumbes & Heather Frahn
Track Order Consultation with Zac Lee
Preproduction with Heather Frahn & Corey Stewart
All musicians are acknowledged for arranging their musical parts in collaboration with Heather Frahn & Forté


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Forté Adelaide, Australia

Forté is a mindful South Australian Singer Songwriter Guitarist who creates positive meaningful folk-rock music for social change. He is deeply moved to promote gender equality and healthy, authentic masculinity.
Forté performs his songs with gusto, to brighten peoples’ days. Listen to his music, and let the compassionate compositions, performed with joy and love, put a smile on your face.
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Track Name: Clearer Sight
When you’re upset, dazed and confused, put it to song
When things in life, bombarding you, do not belong
Whistle or hum, start with a tune, before too long
You’ve got a song

Relax your mind, open your heart, let yourself be
Opening up, writing it down, it’s therapy
Dispensing those, old heavy thoughts, your heart is free
Share it with me

Has you’re lover just left you did you do something wrong?
Has a young life departed no chance to belong?
Did you lose your way on that highway of life?
Are you pushing uphill in a never-ending fight?

Pain creeping up, slowly on you, backbreaking weight
Feelings arise, reason unclear, then you translate
Writing it down, sorting it out, never know what…
You will create

Someone out there, enjoys your song from the same place
What you have told, may dry the tears from their sad face
It’s good to know, you’re not alone, no not just you…
Having to chase

So you see that creating and writing a song
Can sort out your issues, they can be quite long
Getting moving again on that highway of life
Even help out another, achieve clearer sight
Clearer sight
Track Name: Untouched
We’ve come here New Year’s eve
Abound in strength and travel with ease
Chasing water falls
They make you feel so small

I’m glad they are protected
From him and his machines
It has not yet been infected
An ancient untouched dream

Sun glitters through the trees
Speckled silver on the leaves
Rainbows dance around the falls
I don’t want to leave here at all

You can bring your kids along
They may not understand
That it is oh so important
Our connection with the land
Track Name: Officially Single
Officially single, realistically in love

Hard to explain, I've come through so much pain
But now it's gonna last, we didn't go too fast

You are all to me, give me time and you will see
With the ticking of the clock, together we will rock

Understand your lover’s needs
It worked for me
If you love them set them free
Track Name: Best I Can Be
I’m coming to see you, but it’ll take a little while
I promise to be there, to frolic in your smile
I know that you’re waiting, you put your life on hold
I will embrace you, our story will unfold

Taking the long way round to you
Been up and come back down for you
When we’re together you will see
Taking my time will bring
The best that I can be

A sweet invitation, accepted with open heart
Distance frustrations, I saw potential from the start
Part of my journey, revealing who I am
Constantly changing, becoming a better man

I don’t mind waiting
But I won’t be complacent
Not needy but I’m open
To spend my life with you
Track Name: Active Peace
It is alright to have feelings
Show vulnerability
Saying no to all violence
Living peacefully

And for this, we are respected
Take responsibility
We are here to be supportive
Love your community
Track Name: Every Setting Sun
I am brimming with sadness
Waves of grief crash on my brow
Not mine to keep just a custody
Trapped behind bars of my frown

Overflowing with sadness
Like salted rain it trickles down
I’m right here planted in pity
I try to speak but choke it down

I know that it won’t last, all things have to change
My mood is just a visitor, flowing through this space
I suppose that it takes time, to see what I’ve become
I hope that you still think of me, with every setting sun

Misaligned with sadness
Quietly unkind
Sitting with my feelings
Taking my sweet time

Please come back from sadness
You mean the world to me
I’ll see you when you feel safe

I know that it won’t last, all things have to change
My mood is just a visitor, flowing through this space
I suppose that it takes time, to see what I’ve become
I hope that you still think of me, with every setting sun

I know that it won’t last, all things have to change
My mood is just a visitor, flowing through this space
I suppose that it takes time, to see what I’ve become
Know that I'll still think of you, with every setting sun
Track Name: Gratitude
There is so much in this world
That I am grateful for
I appreciate my life
How could I want more
Loving what I have to give
Brings meaning to my days
Taking opportunities
In very special ways

I am grateful I can read
I’m grateful I can write
I’m grateful for your loving arms
To get me through the night
I’m grateful I can sing
I’m grateful I can dance
I’m grateful to be standing here
I’m grateful for this chance

I’m grateful for my friends
I’m grateful old and new
I’m grateful for my family
Who tolerate my moods
I’m grateful for my thoughts
I’m grateful for my mind
I’m grateful for my consciousness
My ego left behind
Track Name: Right Now Right Here
Love and truth exist, I know this to be true
I see it now that consciousness is clearly shining through
Finding peace internally is what we’re striving for
Not relying on consumables to bring happiness to our door

I have nothing left to say, nothing more to do
There’s a bliss in the awareness of the me inside of you
Take this gift of consciousness, alleviate your fear
There is nothing left to wait for, it’s all right now right here
All right now right here

Appreciate the moment, fully what it’s worth
Loving truthful choices will save this dying Earth
What you believe will come about, do you like what you see?
You have the power to change your life, decide your choistiny
Track Name: Schedule It In
So many things to do, I don’t know where to start
I’ll schedule it in, schedule it in
Demands on my time are stretching me apart
I’ll schedule it in, schedule it in
Responsibility to build a repertoire
I’ll schedule it in, schedule it in
I can only improve if I play my guitar
I’ll schedule it in, cos I wanna go far

If you’re feeling stretched and over extended
Appreciate that you have an agenda
Pick yourself up, you can be a contender
I have the time, you have the power


Gotta find some time for writing songs
I’ll schedule it in, schedule it in
Make it to the gym to grow up strong
I’ll schedule it in, schedule it in
Need to eat well to be fit and healthy
I’ll schedule it in, schedule it in
I need to sell my soul at my job to be wealthy
I’ll schedule it in, maybe one of these days


Gotta find some time for happiness
I’ll schedule it in, schedule it in
Need to connect with the universe
I’ll schedule it in, schedule it in
Need some time alone for you and me
I’ll schedule it in, schedule it in
And a little bit of time for me to be free @ I’ll schedule that in, just you wait and see
Just you wait and see


I got the time
You got the power
Track Name: The Cycle
We are always traveling, advancing every day
Meeting lots of different people, all along the way
Billowing along and rolling, many hills to climb
Keepin’ on the straight and narrow, most of the time

Lining up our sights upon alternative terrain
Striving for the best throughout the heat and pouring rain
Going on ahead a bit, blazing down the track
Never barring any holds, don’t look back

But then things start looking the same
That same old picture, through a different frame
We thought we’d moved on down a different path
But the cycle rolls on, we have to laugh

Society expecting us to all improve our worth
Conformity and selling out buy a piece of turf
Living inauthentically is making people sad
Stuck inside a vicious rut, you feel so bad

Traveling is certainly a personal journey
Not a destination but a yearning for learning
Babylon says we are still the same
But inside we know we’ve only gained
Track Name: The Universe Provides
We are living free let the universe provide

We are living communally
And we are singing in harmony
We are giving our love for free
Cos we are one Rainbow Family

I look into my heart to see what I find
The strength to carry me from where I hide
I’m bringing peace and love from deep inside
Now we’re living free, let the universe provide

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